Ima Jo Design Co.


Creative Brief

Your happiness with the execution of each artistic project is our primary concern. Your satisfaction is everything. A few helpful questions upfront are all that we usually need to anticipate your vision and needs.

  1. Give us an overview: What project information can your give our team? Goals? Objectives?
  2. What are the deliverables: Design, artwork, fresh flowers, wreaths, staging, refurnishing, decorating? Be specific.
  3. Who is your audience: Is the request for a child? Wedding? Large scale event? High-profile audience?
  4. What is the tone: Casual? Formal? Romantic? Friendship?
  5. Let's talk budget and schedule: Is there a range? When is the finished product needed?

If these questions do not pertain to your needs, please contact us directly to communicate your vision and needs.


Privacy Policy

All photos and works of art are property of Ima Jo Design Co. Under no circumstances may the works be reproduced without consent from Ima Jo Design Co.